Real-World Challenges

Note : This "Tips" area contains some original tips written by Edwin Tam, which contain the valuable experience gained in real-world application of Excel throughout his career. Such experience are hardly disclosed or shared by professionals/practitioners as those are their values. Even if you work with those people and sit next to them, they won't teach you although they are not rocket science. I hope these "tips" can become very helpful reference material for those who want to enter the industries or to know how people are doing to tackle those real-world problems.

  1. Bloomberg and Excel
  2. Option Greeks Analysis in Excel
    1. The "Bumping" technique
    2. Delta
    3. Gamma - Part 1
    4. Gamma - Part 2 (the d delta / d price analysis)
    5. Vega
    6. Theta
  3. Applying Benford's Law in Data Forensic and IT Audit (with case study)