Advanced Tips / VBA Tips

  1. Mac Excel 2011 VBA Bugs/Jokes
  2. Auto_Open or Workbook_Open? (Auto runnig a macro on file open)
  3. Sorting in VBA: Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Quick Sort
  4. Shuffle an Array in VBA : the Fisher-Yates Shuffle (also known as the Knuth Shuffle)
  5. Abort Printing based on cell value (e.g. Don't print if A1 is blank)
  6. Toggle "View File Extensions" setting of Windows Explorer in VBA
  7. Disallow user from closing UserForm by clicking the "x"
  8. Placing a Chart into a UserForm
  9. Programming two edit boxes which change each other
  10. Finding out the file size of a file in Windows and Mac