“With this much power, you can perform impossible data crunching operations and achieve improved work efficiency that no one can achieve.”

Excel Power Expander is a very powerful automation toolbox for Microsoft Excel. It adds 87 automation utilities and 125 new worksheet formulas into Excel. The tools substantially extend Excel’s functionality and add much intelligence to automate everyday complex spreadsheet tasks.

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Designed and Developed by the Real Number Crunching Professional

Profile of Author:

Edwin Tam is a professional with remarkable achievements in IT, Accounting and Finance. He survived in the most demanding number crunching environments and has in-depth understanding of how Excel is being used (and the underlying chanllenges) in a wide range of industries.

- Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)
- Chartered Accountant (ICAEW), CPA from KPMG
- Financial Audit/IT Audit experience in top listed companies
- Investment banking trading floor experience in top-tier investment banks.

Testimonial for current and previous versions:

“… with this much power, you can crunch data like nobody’s business. Fast and Efficient.” ~ PC World

“Top Ten Downloads – Business & Finance Category” ~ Apple.com

5-star rating (full score) – ZDNet

“Excel users should definitely look at Edwin’s Power Tools…” – PC Magazine

“Top Ten Spreadsheet Tools”, “Editor’s Pick” – PC World

“Best of the Net” – PC Computing